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Repairs are available by appointment only, please call (212) 391-1315
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Phone: (212) 391-1315
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The Overhaul of a Saxophone

Alto,Tenor and Soprano $1325

Baritone $1625

When Roberto sets out to complete an overhaul of a vintage horn, his objective is to return it to its original playing condition. Roberto's can customize your horn to your playing style by modifying the action and by utilizing various types of pads and resonators (plastic, silver, brass, domes or flat.) Ergonomic modifications can be requested as well during your pre-overhaul consultation.


  • 1. Brief consultation about the objectives you wish to obtain with the overhaul.
  • 2. The saxophone is taken apart and the play between the post and the rod is eliminated by swedging and restoring the post to its original position.
  • 3. The saxophone and its parts are individualy washed and sterilized
  • 4. While the horn is apart, we straighten the body and elminate dents where neccessary.
  • 5. Pads and resonators are put into place. When possible on vintage horns, the original resonator is utilized. We also offer various choices for the resonators: nylon, metal star, brass, silver, flat or domes - each type according the sound and playing style of our customers. After the saxophone is assembled, Roberto works personally with you to attain the key height and action of your preference.
  • 6. All of Roberto's overhauls come with a 6 month warranty which includes free check ups and adjustments.
Repair Team

Roberto Romeo: head of the shop

Roberto Romeo
Roberto's is world renowned for expert repairs on all woodwinds. Whether your instrument needs a small adjustment or a major overhaul, Roberto's team will put it in optimal playing condition. All repairs are guaranteed and overhauls come with a 6-month warranty.

Roberto Romeo was born in Verona, Italy and moved to New York to play Jazz in 1982. To support himself, Roberto worked as an apprentice under Saul Fromkin, one of the best woodwind repairman in the business. When Fromkin moved to Florida in 1989, Roberto started his own business, quickly becoming a legend among saxophone players for his skilled work.

"I believe my honesty in business and the excellence I strive for in my repairs has been the key to my success over the last 15 years. There is no substitute for knowledge, expertise, and experience. I take the greatest pride in maintaining instruments. This means remaining focused and putting forth the same amount of effort whether making a small adjustment or performing a major overhaul on an instrument. It does not matter if you are professional musician or not. I work on all saxophones with the same dedication. By possessing an in-depth knowledge of woodwinds, and by personally getting to know the players and their style, I'm best able to keep their instrument in optimal playing condition. Nothing is more frustrating than playing on a stuffy or leaking horn. You can't play your best."

Once a one-man shop, Roberto's has expanded into a
full service repair shop for all woodwind instruments.

Long time customers and friends include Joe Lovano,
Michael Brecker, Gato Barbieri, Ornette Coleman,
Branford Marsalis, James Moody, Chris
Potter, and David Sanchez to name a few.

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