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RW Wooden Ligature for Alto Saxophone


After countless hours of research and development, Roberto's Winds has created a revolutionary new ligature design for hard rubber mouthpieces. A one piece, screw-less band ligature carved from solid blocks of exotic woods. The result is the most beautiful sounding and looking ligature you've ever played. The difference is in the resonance. The wood is resonating at a frequency very close to that of the cane, therefore producing colors in the tone previously unachievable in a metal, plastic, or leather ligature. In addition to vast improvements in tone, you will also experience improved attack, articulation, and dynamic range. We are sure that you will find the new RW ligature to be the best ligature you've ever played.

African Blackwood
When it comes to the combination of tonal qualities, appearance, density and expensive price, African blackwood is in a league of its own. The trees grow primarily in Mozambique and Tanzania and the main uses of the wood are for woodwind instruments, turnings and occasionally small pieces of furniture. The blackwood ligature is perfect for players searching for a darker sound with a thick and solid core. African blackwood, being moderately dense, accentuates the low and mid frequencies in the sound. The attack is precise, delivering a warm and powerful sound with a lush sub tone.

Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood of the tree Dalbergia retusa from Central America. Due to its density and hardness, even a large block of the cut wood will produce a clear musical tone if struck. The cocobolo ligature is for those players looking for a brighter, livelier sound. The wood is denser than the blackwood, allowing it to resonate more freely, bringing out the higher frequencies in the sound. The result is crisp articulation and a broad dynamic range. If you are looking for more edge, but don't want to sacrifice the core of your sound, this is the ligature for you.

The all new RW ligature provides unsurpassed performance in a beautiful new design.

The RW Ligature is played by Najee, Sam Newsome, Lakecia Benjamin, Joel Frahm, and countless others!

"With Roberto's ligature, my altissimo comes out effortlessly. On the soprano, that's no easy task."

-Sam Newsome

"Roberto's ligatures have it all - depth and warmth of tone, complete harmonic spectrum, and ease of playing. It feels like I'm playing a brand new horn!"

-Joel Frahm

"The RW ligature has a very centered and lively feel, responsive in all registers"

-Bob Sheppard

"What amazed me about Roberto's wooden ligatures is the amount of presence and body they add to your sound, I love them!"

-Lakecia Benjamin

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Please follow these simple directions for installing and removing your RW ligature:
1. With the neck off of the horn, put your mouthpiece on the neck.
2. Put your reed on the mouthpiece, aligning it as you normally would.
3. Holding the bottom of the reed, slide the ligature onto the mouthpiece.
4. Once the ligature is snug, give it a small twist as you push down. This will lock it in place.
5. When you are tuning, grasp the mouthpiece above or below the ligature while adjusting it.
6. When you remove the ligature, twist it in the opposite direction while pulling it off.

NOTE: Do not assemble the mouthpiece/reed/ligature before putting it on the neck. The force required to slide on the mouthpiece (especially if your neck cork is thick) may crack the ligature.
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