Roberto Overhauling Saxophone


1) How does Roberto overhaul my saxophone? 


  • 1. Brief consultation about the objectives you wish to obtain with the overhaul.
  • 2. The saxophone is taken apart and the play between the post and the rod is eliminated by swedging and restoring the post to its original position.
  • 3. The saxophone and its parts are individualy washed and sterilized
  • 4. While the horn is apart, we straighten the body and elminate dents where neccessary.
  • 5. Pads and resonators are put into place. When possible on vintage horns, the original resonator is utilized. We also offer various choices for the resonators: nylon, metal star, brass, silver, flat or domes - each type according the sound and playing style of our customers. After the saxophone is assembled, Roberto works personally with you to attain the key height and action of your preference.
  • 6. All of Roberto's overhauls come with a 6 month warranty which includes free check ups and adjustments.
  • Roberto Romeo