1950's Otto Link Slant Signature 5* Tenor Mouthpiece

Product Description

The creme de la creme of the Otto Link line! This is the second of the three generations of Florida Slant Signature mouthpieces, (arguably) the most sought-after tenor mouthpieces in history. The second and third generations had enough baffle material to be played in the modern day, and the third had slightly more, and had a boxier outer dimension on the shank. Both are more player-friendly than the first generation, with the tip opening number on the table. The second generation is perhaps the best balance of a dark sound and brilliance.

This particular piece is an original 5*. The original milling marks are still visible on the table, and the tip and rails have been untouched - my estimate is that the piece has been played more in the shop than it was before it got here.. I'm surprised we still have it!

$ 1,200.00

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