Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece

Product Description

Available now, the Limited Edition Bill Evans Signature Mouthpiece!

This, ladies & gentleman, is the ultimate mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, an absolute carbon-copy of the vintage one-of-a-kind mouthpiece played by Bill Evans for the past 34 years! This mouthpiece was used with everyone from Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock to John McLaughlin and Mick Jagger to name just a few.... not to mention Bills' 25 solo cd's.

Just listen to Bill Evans and you'll hear the sound... and as for the feel, it is arguably the most free-blowing and powerful mouthpiece on the market. No gimmicks, no new special chamber or baffle to increase this or that. It is just a painstakingly re-created version of one of the most perfect mouthpieces ever made!

"I'm not loyal to a mouthpiece, I'm loyal to my sound...if I played a mouthpiece that played better, I'd be playing it. But I haven't." - Bill Evans
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$ 1,695.00

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