Aizen Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Product Description

The Aizen line of mouthpieces features exquisite hand-craftsmanship that combines the sound of vintage mouthpieces with an almost magical tone and response.


LS model:

With its large chamber and low baffle, the Aizen LS mouthpiece achieves a dark, fat, and glossy sound. With its exceptionally smooth play-ability, the Aizen LS can take on any and all corners, including the vest vintage pieces on the market. Vintage pieces tend to give a lot of resistance at the higher end of the register, but with the Aizen LS, this problem has been overcome while keeping the fat, rich, robust sound and superb play-ability of the vintage greats of the past.

SO model:

The Aizen SO is specially designed with a horseshoe-shaped chamber, giving it a warm yet punchy tone. With its smooth flow and outstanding responsiveness, this is a high quality mouthpiece, suitable for both classical and jazz alike. The Aizen SO is disigned to avoid the airflow problems that plague vintage mouthpieces hitting low notes. Players can experience that unique vintage mouthpiece sound while also enjoying a stress-free, well-balanced sound over the whole range from top to bottom.

$ 365.00

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