Borgani Jubilee Pearl Gold Alto Saxophone

Product Description
The Borgani Pearl Gold alto has a look, feel, and sound all its own! Responsive, crisp and brassy, this is a great example of a modern-production alto. The lows are full and forward; the middle register is dark and complex; the highs are huge. The “Pearl Gold” finish is a muted gold hue on the body, and more of a “gold” lacquer on the keys. This horn has essentially all of its original finish remaining. The pads are in good condition and have metal domed resonators, and there is a high F# key for easier playability.

This horn has barely been played, and shows no signs of neglect or abuse. There are no dings, the body is perfectly straight, and the neck is in perfect condition. This is a versatile, interesting horn that has a lot of character!
$ 3,600.00

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