Brilhart Vintage Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece #6 - Ralph Morgan Reface

Product Description

One of the best tenor mouthpieces in the shop! Made in Carlsbad, California, this hard rubber mouthpiece is about as close as they come to the coveted Otto Link “Slant Signature” model: made in the same period, it is a large chamber piece made of the highest quality hard rubber available. This piece has rounded sidewalls much like a Link and a modest roll-over baffle. This mouthpiece was cleaned up and refaced by the late master refacer Ralph Morgan. He signed the body of the mouthpiece with a size indication of .090 (a 6), opened up from the original “5”. It shows no sign of wear or use of any kind since the reface: most of the original gold inscription is still present, and the tip and rails are in impeccable condition.

This mouthpiece gives you everything you want: sound, projection and ease of play. Probably due to the combination of the design of the rails, the chamber size, and the tip opening, this piece has an incredible edge and core to it, reminiscent of the direct-ness of Joe Henderson. From low Bb to the altissimo, it speaks freely and easily. Especially if you are looking for something a little bit smaller than a 7, you will not find a better hard rubber piece out there!

$ 1,200.00