Dukoff Fluted Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece - 5* (.090")

Product Description
One of Dukoff’s earliest hard rubber mouthpieces, this is a real player’s piece! It is extremely player-friendly, offering no resistance at all from top to bottom. The low register is gutsy, free and easy to get out; the middle register’s register and response resembles a vintage Otto Link; and the high register and altissimo are velvety and mellow, not at all piercing.

These mouthpieces have a very unusual feature: as a part of the design, lengthwise ridges were added from the baffle area to shank (one of the more unusual experiments in mouthpiece-making history), hence the name “Fluted Chamber”. This is a fat sounding, old-school mouthpiece; it could be used in the Texas tenor style, or could be a great pick for someone looking to add a little more width and presence to their straight-ahead sound. Despite the fact that this mouthpiece’s tip and rails are in excellent condition, this could be a strong competitor to the highly coveted Links of the same vintage if it got opened up to a more modern tip. Come check it out!
$ 750.00

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