Holton Rudy Wiedoeft Model Alto Saxophone

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Manufactured in Chicago in 1916, this rare Holton Alto Saxophone features highly unique keywork. Among the more interesting elements, there is a high E-flat trill key for right hand first finger, and a rather rare double low-C tone hole pairing, producing a less "stuffy" low-D. The lacquer has noticeable wear, but the pads are relatively new, with metal resonators. An outstanding example of Americana, this horn is a treat to play.

Designated as the "Rudy Wiedoeft" Model, this Holton was named after the great saxophone virtuoso of the early 20th century, whose advanced techniques included exhilarating double and triple tonguing, slap tonguing, flutter tonguing, growls, and wild pitch bends. This beautiful vintage Holton wonderfully captures the era when the saxophone transformed from a novelty, to the ultimate American virtuoso instrument.

$ 1,495.00