Holton Rudy Wiedoeft Model Silver Plated Alto Saxophone

Product Description

Despite approaching the century mark, this nearly 100 year old Holton is in superb condition and has just benefited from a fresh overhaul. Her angelic tone is reminiscent of the 1920's era recordings that popularized the saxophone as an iconic American instrument. Additionally, there is enough versatility in the horn to allow a more modern sound if the player so chooses, and her intonation is surprisingly accomodating. The polished silver keys pop against the matte silver body, and the gold wash bell still retains a honey-colored hue. The highly unusual keywork, including cleverly designed E-flat and G-flat trills, and the double low C, entices serious players and collectors alike.

Designated as the "Rudy Wiedoeft" Model, this Holton was named after the great saxophone virtuoso of the early 20th century, whose advanced techniques included exhilarating double and triple tonguing, slap tonguing, flutter tonguing, growls, and wild pitch bends. This beautiful vintage Holton wonderfully captures the era when the saxophone transformed from a novelty, to the ultimate American virtuoso instrument.

$ 1,950.00

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