Keilwerth SX90R Alto Black Nickel RKA C.3

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Keilwerth saxophones, a lot can be said, and none of it bad! Amazing action in the mechanics, a wonderfully homogeneous sound, even from the upper register all the way done to a low Bb, and they are built like tanks!

This Black Nickel body with Gold lacquered key finish, is a great choice for the serious player, professional or not!

Engineered with a very ergonomic design, it features adjustable left hand palm keys, among several other "performer friendly" features!

The SX90R is a remarkably balanced full-toned instrument with an absolutely wonderful and smooth mechanism.

This particular SX90R is in Mint condition, fabricated between 2008-2010, one owner who played it all of 2 times. He loved the sound but it just didn’t sit well in their hands. If you have a petite stature, the left hand palm keys may be uncomfortable for you. 

This Sax is literally like new, still has the plastic and bubble wrap, and the warranty still needs to be filled out for its next owner.