Marc Jean Alto Saxophone Ligature

Product Description

Marc Jean ligatures are very "free blowing," making your setup easy to play even when playing for a longer period of time. The sound given is clean (not bright) and full of harmonics with all of the characteristics provided from your mouthpiece. It naturally opens up the sound. All accents and nuances are improved, most people say by 15%; even the attacks are 15 % faster.

Concept: Two round pieces of hard wood are positioned in a non-parallel way in a reversed metal band ligature. This oversized ligature is indented to securely receive the two wood sticks and is also equipped with 2 strips of thin cork to avoid sliding of ligature and reed when tuning. The two cork strips also eliminates the risks of scratching the top of your mouthpiece.

All Marc Jean Ligatures are produced by hand in Quebec by Marc Jean himself.

Size: Model 500 (Fits most hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpieces)

$ 57.99