Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone #21,9XX

Product Description

We typically don't offer instruments that aren't in fine playing condition, but we are proud to present this exception to the right purchaser. This vintage dream dates to 1936 and is one of the first three hundred Balanced Actions made. She sports a unique matte gold-plate, with polished gold adorning the elaborate engraving. One finds an unusual tropical setting within the frontispiece, and here the chisel took meticulous care, crafting each element with a jeweler's touch. Though worn, the keys retain much of their original silver plating. The body and neck are structurally sound, and the low C tonehole possesses the antiquated keyguard not seen on later Balanced Actions. We caution the buyer that this lovely horn is in need of an overhaul, but in the right hands she will sing with the Lily Pons beauty that adorned Johnny Hodges' graceful playing.

$ 10,000.00

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