Selmer Mark VI Low A Alto Saxophone #165,XXX

Product Description
Lo and behold: the only low A alto in the Mark VI room! This 1969 silver-plated Mark VI is quite the character. Although it has the response of a silver-plated horn, it doesn’t have that typical shine that can be interpreted as too bright (perhaps because of the extra metal). The low register, due to the extra half step, feels quite different from that on other horns, and of course that low A gives you more melodic flexibility. The middle register sounds warm and lush; the high register is charismatic and present. This alto is quite a find!

The silver plating is still entirely in tact, and aside from a couple small dings here and there, this alto has no major dents or structural issues. The pads are a few years old, and are black with silver resonators, making it quite the looker! It should be noted that the previous owner took the liberty of engraving his name on the bell. This is a great all-around alto, and the low A really makes it stand out! Whether you’re used to having the low A on bari, or want that extra flexibility, this could be a great horn for you!
$ 6,500.00

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