Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone #112,3XX

Product Description

What a beauty! This is a standard “closet horn”: a horn that sat untouched for almost its entire life. It really feels like you’re getting it straight rom the factory. There is an otherworldly warmth that defines this horn from bottom to top and sets this horn apart from some of the others in the Mark VI room. It feels special and rare, and it being a like-new horn from one of Selmer’s best periods, it certainly is.

The pearls feel brand new under your fingers, the springs feel tactile and sturdy, and the corks feel fresh. The lacquer is original and has about 98% coverage, and the engraving is clear as day on the front of the bell. The pads are in good condition, and have plenty of life in them. For the collector and the player alike, this is a fantastic find!

$ 17,000.00

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