Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone #86,7XX

Product Description

This Mark VI from 1960 plays great! This is a lush, warm horn, and a fantastic player. The tone has a wonderful, strong core characteristic of Mark VI’s from this period, and a round, dark spread. The middle and low registers can sound airy or more direct, depending on how you play it. The high register can be pure or more wily; this horn can come off as more reserved or more aggressive.

This horn has a great, sturdy feel from top to bottom. The pads are like new, suggesting a fresh overhaul. The lacquer is original, and is for the most part intact, with approximately 85% coverage. The neck is in great condition, and there is still a little bit of that blue paint around the “S” remaining. This is one of the best all-around horns in the Mark VI room!

$ 14,000.00

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