TT Mouthpieces by Tommaso Troncon

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A truly talented craftsman from Treviso, Italy. Tommaso makes each one of his pieces by hand, which is of his personal design. Influenced by vintage Otto Links, but taken a step further. Wide-open sound, free-blowing. From the altissimo registers all the way down to a low Bb, perfection!

Being a player himself, he tests out each one of them to guarantee excellence!

Custom Orders are available, with a 4-6 week wait. %15 deposit necesary to start any custom piece. You would sit down with him, after trying is demo pieces, and explain exactly what it is your looking for. And once the piece is finsihed, final touches and fine tuning, to give you a piece that is tailored perfectly to your needs. 

Call for availabilities.

Available materials:

1) Bronze (recommended)
2) Eco-Brass (%0 Nickel, %0 Lead, No toxic contents)
3) Solid Silver

Available finsihes:

1) Unplated
2) 24K Gold Plating
3) 18K Pink Gold Plating
4) Palladium Plating (PGM Platinum Group Metal)