The Uovo {woh-voh}

The only tenor saxophone ligature designed to generate sympathetic resonance, enriching the harmonic palette to enable your very best sound.

“This is the ultimate tool for that best-sound we’re all looking for. It sings.”

Roberto Romeo introduces the Uovo from his iconic workshop in Times Square.

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Hear yourself in a whole new way.

Designed in Rhinoceros, 3D-printed using stereolithography machines and cast in bronze, the uniquely resonant Uovo tenor saxophone ligature brings cutting-edge tech to Otto Link and all metal mouthpiece players.


Engineered ridges on the resonate plates improve articulation response time. Four plate choices, in bronze and silver, are included to accommodate different sound preferences.


The completely unique contact points on the plate send vibrations to the shell, a resonating acoustic chamber that intensifies the depth and body of harmonics.


A fully adjustable head-less screw and self-tightening system retains your custom settings indefinitely. Simply adjust to your preference and push the ligature over the mouthpiece until snug.

Call at (212) 391-1315

Discover an entirely new way to play.

Directions for use

Learn how to adjust the Uovo for daily use, how to change the plates for different playing preferences and how use the false read between sessions. It’s simple.