Complete Overhaul

Complete Overhaul

$ 1,695.00
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A complete overhaul consists of us dismanteling the instrument entirely... cleaning it inside and out... replacing all the corks, felts and pads... and minor dent work. Once the overhaul is complete, at the time of you picking it up, we can fine tune the tension in the springs if necessary, amognst other things, giving it a tailored touch to your playing needs.

Included in this price:
*  12 month warranty where we will take care of all adjustments it needs. What is not covered in the warranty are repairs caused by outside factors, including you dropping the horn and getting a swab stuck in the body or neck.
*  Plastic or flat/domed metal resonators.

Available add-ons:
*   Copper Waffle Star Resontors +$125
*   Complete spring replacement +$300

Upon inspection:
*   If we notice that the horn in question will need major dent work, it will be factored in at about $150 an hour, with a time quote at the time of inspection.
*   If the horn has rusted rods or pivot screws that too will have an additional charge to be determined at the time of inspection.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

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